21 June 2018

Holy Land 2018

Well, I’m going on another pilgrimage. This one has been just a couple of months in the planning, and actually got a bit dicey there for a while, but last week I got email confirmation with flight information and so forth, so it seems to have come together. It’s coming up pretty quickly, in fact. Here’s how it developed.

First, for several years now, ever since the 2014 pilgrimage to Italy, I’ve been thinking about a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. But I was pretty hesitant given the ever-present turmoil in the Middle East. Nevertheless, when we were on the pilgrimage to Mexico City in February 2016, over one of the meals that Anne and I shared with a couple of women from Houston, conversation turned to their own pilgrimage to the Holy Land. They strongly encouraged us to go. Later in the same trip, in conversation with the organizer, Taylor Marshall, I found out he wanted to lead a pilgrimage to the Holy Land – “Maybe next year.” I expressed my doubt I could afford such a trip – I’d already looked into the cost and seen that they tend to run at least $4000 per person – to which he replied, “Pray a novena!”