15 March 2014

Magnificat Travels' Webpage for MBIC Pilgrimage

I'm not sure how long this might have been up, perhaps for months, but today I went to Magnificat Travels' web site and found that they have added a page specific to the Basilican pilgrimage [link].  Exploring similar pages for other trips found that some have more detailed day-by-day itineraries, so it may be that as they firm up the specifics for our own they will update the information there.  

Other than that, Anne and I have just been looking forward to the trip, and occasionally reminding each other that "It's only x months now!"  I've been working with Duolingo (previous post [link]), which I continue to be incredibly impressed with.  Anne's sister-in-law has used Rosetta Stone software before, and says that Duolingo is remarkably similar.  Except that it's free!  I'm supposed to be working on losing weight and getting into better shape, too.  That hasn't been going so well, though.