30 July 2014

Update ... The Final Toll

Just a short update here -- two items.  

First, about a month or so ago Magnificat Travel announced the "final" meeting* with us pilgrims (I hear John Wayne's voice whenever I think of us that way [LINK]) before our departure.  It will be in the MBIC Parish Hall on Tuesday 9 September at 18:00.  Only a few days before that announcement, I had inquired via email if they could give out any more specific information as to our itinerary, i.e., what order we will be visiting the various destinations, how long we will stay at each, etc.  Anne is really wanting to 'net-scout places for lunch (with the help of Rick Steves' travel guides, of course).  Lunch is the only meal each day that is not part of the package, which means we're on our own.  The answer was that that will be part of the meeting.  Grrr.  As of today, the pilgrimage page at Magnificat [LINK] doesn't have any more specific information either.  Surely they have worked that out by now.  I figure this is probably a standardized, package tour, but maybe I'm wrong.

Second, today we got emails with the final toll for the trip.  As mentioned in my first post [LINK] -- so long ago now, it seems -- even though we paid in full up front last October, at that time there was still a $400-$750 "airline fees and taxes" assessment to be made.  Per person, of course.  Well, as I figured, it ends up being at the high end of that range -- $728.47.  So we owe just shy of another $1500.  

So here's the total pilgrimage cost for us two:

$2799 base price per person
+ 225 insurance
- 150 discount for paying in full by check
x 2 persons
$5748 total paid


$728.47 taxes and fees, per person
x 2 persons
$1456.94 to be paid by 15 August

$7204.94 GRAND TOTAL

Still a good deal for two persons, I know ... but ... owww!

It will be worth it, of course.  In truth, what we are getting is priceless.



* I put "final" in quotations because it's only the second meeting.