17 January 2014

Learning Italian

Meet my new best friend! – the Duolingo owl.

I haven't posted since the opening post [link], and don't expect to post very frequently for some months yet, because frankly not much is happening on our end toward the pilgrimage. I did purchase Rick Steve's Italy 2014 a couple of months ago, and have skimmed in it from time to time, including putting little thumb-tab markers on the sections having to do with our destinations, and Anne has done quite a bit of Internet research on the places we will be going – a lot of Youtube videos posted by other travellers – but beyond that basically at this point we've paid our money and are just in the “process” of THE LONG WAIT. Yes, anticipation is growing, slowly, and I trust that behind the scenes Magnificat is doing all kinds of work toward our trip, but other than that....